Executive Biography

Scot Walker started his journey of citizen service as a non-commissioned officer in the military before being appointed as a federal criminal investigator to the Department of Homeland Security. Scot worked in multiple countries, collaborated with foreign police and intelligence agencies to identify and resolve considerable threats to U.S. citizens and military members.

Assignments included serving on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Los Angeles, CA.

After more than 20-years of honorable service and numerous overseas deployments, Scot decided to focus on family and take his skills to Silicon Valley.

Scot has worked with some of the most iconic technology brands on the planet as an investigator and consultant, helping them protect intellectual property, mitigate risks to employees, and reduce loss by uncovering the root cause of a problem.

“I believe in empowering individuals through information so that they can do their best work,” Scot has been known to say. Global catastrophes, economic challenges, and reduced governmental services have made the world less safe. Therefore we need to build resiliency through information and community. Reducing friction and enabling collaboration will bring balance and prosperity to our global economy.

Scot is also active in his community, volunteering with public safety agencies, mentoring transitioning military veterans and law enforcement officers, and producing podcasts that help prepare the future workplace for emerging risks.