Security & Resiliency Consulting

After nearly 10 years in international business and over 20-years in the Military and Federal Law Enforcement, we have responded to dozens of disasters and security breaches.

Our security and resiliency consulting services will:

  • Help clients prepare for the next disaster

  • Identify and reduce threats to business operations and supply chains

  • Work with the client to build more adaptable business processes

"I know what it's like to wake up one morning and learn your building in Tianjin China was just leveled by an industrial explosion, and I know how to rebuild."

Opensource & Social Media Investigations

With experience in conducting thousands of investigations, we are prepared to mitigate threats and solve confidential opensource matters.

Opensource investigations comprise online information, social media, and internet communities.

Our investigations empower our clients by:

  • Uncovering social profile data like screen-names, posts, photos, location pins, comments, communities, groups, memberships, and event RSVPs

  • Collating personal information such as names, aliases, birthday, email addresses, education, and career history, to name a few

  • Identifying interpersonal networks like friends, families, followers, and followings

"After working as an investigator at Facebook, I am familiar with the challenges social media poses to our clients."

Due Diligence Background Investigations

The most dangerous business transaction clients conduct is to entrust employees or third-party partners with their most sensitive information or property.

Our due diligence efforts will:

  • Help clients hone a competitive advantage by better understanding their resources backgrounds

  • Realize a greater return on investment, reduce waste, fraud, and abuse, and enhance customer satisfaction

  • We specialize in:

    1. Searching for sanctioned parties

    2. Verifying business ownership and professional licensing

    3. Finding hidden assets

"Don't go into a relationship blind."