Solution Path

"As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned business leader myself, I understand the sacrifice my clients make when they put everything on the line for their businesses."

Scot Walker, Principal

Question: Do you need to make clear decisions, mitigate threats, and minimize loss?

Answer: Our simple solution path will help you do that:

  1. We will identify the issue through a standard review process to develop an initial response plan.

  2. We will ascertain evidence preservation needs or expectations.

  3. Based on the facts and circumstances, the investigation could include:

    • Review online documents or evidence to determine what has occurred.

    • Develop and understand a fact pattern.

    • Conduct remote interviews.

    • Identify process gaps.

    • Confirm the allegations or exonerate the accused.

  4. After completing the above steps, we will make disclosures, suggest program improvements, and recommend discipline (if any).

  5. We will work cross-functionally and collaboratively every step of the way with your team to implement recommendations.

  6. All recommendations are intended to give you agency, empower you to make safer decisions, reduce loss, and mitigate risk.

Solution Path Guarantee:

  • We make your challenge ours and are dedicated to seeing it to a logical conclusion.

  • Simply put: "Our clients succeed because they have knowledge and information other people don't." Scot Walker, Principal

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Why Walker & Associates?

  • Trusted: We have international experience working in high-growth and high-risk environments and have solved problems efficiently, discreetly, and diligently for over 2-decades.

  • Thought Leaders: We are nationally recognized and board-certified investigations professionals with deep experience in internal, white-collar, cyber, social media, and fraud investigations.

  • Dedication: We offer investigative services to assist clients in all aspects of their businesses and personal life and make their challenges ours.